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For more thant 67 years, our organization has been at the heart of the installation of machinery in Quebec. In partnership with the best entrepreneurs working in the field of mechanics, we have brillantly taken up all the challenges that came to us from companies from all over the world entrust us with.

The big Quebec's industries must regularly acquire increasingly complex and sophisticated automated equipment and systems. Innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. The scale of theses projects literally led our workers to surpass themselves and this is houw a great deal of expertise was acquired. Of course, a "2182 millwright" muste be versatile, but, beyond this much sought-after versatility, many have been able to develop very specific knowledge in a particular sector of activity : turnine maker, specialist in the mining sector, assembler of wind turbines, conveyor pro.

For many of you, there is no doubt that this section will bring back good memories and moments of camaraderie that occurred on theses sites. For the outsider of our organization, this is the opportunity to find out who we are and what we do.

This is the opportunity to grasp the depth of our organization, our aptitude to mobilize talents across the province, in short, we wish to demonstrate that the millwrights affiliated to Local 2182 are valuable partners in optimization of Quebec industries.

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Automated distribution centers




Over the years, the era of robotization and automation has brought a multitude of projects. The greater Montreal region is literally at the center of this technological "boom".

Our members of this large region have clearly acquired the specific knowledge to install all types of automated systems. From the traditional belt conveyors  to the mast robot through the magnetic conveyors to the sorter.

No technology, however innovative, can shake the confidence of our workers and entrepreneurs in this sector.

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With 62 hydroelectric plants, Quebec is one of the world leader in the production of hydroelectricity. the reputation of the turbine makers of Local 2182 is well established.

Year after year, our members are working to Hydro-Quebec sites. Whether it is for the installation of the turbine-alternator group or repair, we are the heart of the action.

Since the equipment manufacturer must provinde warranties and meet production standards, our members are also called periodically to perfor various types of repars on the turbines.


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Hydroelectric energy - valves






The assembly and installation of water valves require skills combining heavy handling with precision. Our members intervene for the new installations, the repair of the guides, without forgetting the on-site machining when required.

The expertise acquired in this sector is developing on a daily basis since, year after year, our teams carry out repair work on the valves.

Recent achievements: Romaine 1, 2, 3, & 4, Manic 2.


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Wind power





It was in 1998 that the development of the wind mill industry began in Quebec.

The establishment of "Le Nordais" wind farm opened the way for the millwrights to gains expertis of an international caliber.

We are currently participating in the erection of 12 new wind turbines.

We are ready for the second wave of wind turbines wich should start in the next few years.



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Cement factories





The McInnis cement plant in Gaspesie is the largest in Eastern Canada. At the height of its construction, more than 150 millwriths of the 2182 put their shoulder to the wheel. Our members of Gaspesie have been essential in recent years, both in the supervision of maintenance work and the execution of the latter. Our workforce makes the 2182 an all-time solution for emergency work or planned shudowns.

Recent achievements: McInnis and various work at the Joliette CRH, Lafarge cement at Candiac and Quebec cement.

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